APTS Mentoring Program

Our APTS Mentoring Program is intended to pair a mentor with a mentee. The duration of the program is determined at the discretion of the mentor.

The mentor is an experienced professional translator who is highly qualified in a certain field(s). The mentee is a working translator who is active in that field(s). The mentor and the mentee do not necessarily need to be in the same room or even in the same country. They can communicate over the Internet or using mobile apps.

When the mentee encounters expressions or concepts which he/she does not understand, he/she contacts the mentor to help with the translation or explain the concept.

Over time, the mentee improves his/her skills and becomes less reliant on the mentor. The mentor would then be free to take on another mentee.

To volunteer as a mentor, or to apply to join the program as a mentee, please contact APTS Member Services: members@arabtranslators.org