Order Certificate and/or Stamp

As a certified member, you are entitled to receive a certificate (English and Arabic; see sample below), and a certified member stamp (English and Arabic; see sample below). Our certification does not have an expiration date if the test is taken "in person". Members who tested online are required to re-take the test in person.

  • - Please note that membership is FREE. All services are provided to members FREE.

  • - Ordering a certificate/stamp is OPTIONAL.

  • - When you take the test in person, you need to pay US $ 50 to the Certification Examiner for his/her time and effort.

Ordering Certificate and/or Stamp - All Countries:

  •          - Certificate only, you pay: = US $ 85

  •          - Certificate and Rubber Stamp, you pay: = US $ 120 (Self-inked stamp: Add US $ 15.00)

  •          - Re-ordering a new certificate, you pay: = US $ 85

           Previously issued certificates and stamps remain valid. You do not need to replace them.

* All orders are shipped by Aramex or DHL.

Payment Method: Visa/Mastercard - Contact us to to receive a payment link...

Payment by Transfer: Payment may also be made by Western Union Transfer. Please contact us for details.

 Sample Certificate

Sample Stamp