Annual Conference, Golden Tulip Hotel, Beirut

APTS 1st Annual Conference
20 September 2019*
Theme: Empowering Tomorrow's Translators

The translation market is constantly changing and the gap between curricula taught at translation schools and actual translation market requirements is widening. It is saddening to see translation graduates with very little or no knowledge of the types of documents that await them in the real world. In addition, information technology developments have drastically affected the translator’s android-like performance of his/her translation functions, by creating a bond between the translator and his/her computer that he/she can no longer do without.

Empowering tomorrow’s translators to best cater to tomorrow’s market needs is our responsibility both as educators and professionals. Translation schools are called upon to make changes in how they educate future translators and keep abreast of the radical transformation which is occurring in the translation industry. Translation professionals are required to provide well-designed on-the-job translation programs to help interns and fresh graduates.

Thematic areas include, without limitation:

1. The need for university teachers with relevant practical experience in the translation market.

2. Educating future translators: The need for specialization.

3. Revival of the Arabic Language: A responsive language.

4. Translation and unified terminology.

5. Unified terminology and the role of the Arab League.

6. Computer aided terminology extraction and glossary creation.

7. The evolution of machine translation.

8. Unified database of translated documents.

9. The importance of networking.

10. Strategies for avoiding literalism in translation.

11. Confidentiality, ethics and legal requirements.

12. Strategies for succeeding in the translation market.





1 February 2019    Deadline for submission of papers and workshop proposals

20 February 2019  Final acceptance of papers and workshop proposals

31 January 2019    Deadline for Registration

31 March 2019      Deadline for Cancellation


 In addition to the conference panels, activities and discussions, the APTS 1ST ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2019 will be followed by two workshops, each running for two days. The aim of the workshops is to emphasize topics related to empowering tomorrow’s translators by covering translation techniques used in specialized translation fields, such as banking, insurance, Islamic finance, law and other fields which are encountered daily by translators, as well as advanced IT tools used in translation including CAT tools such as TRADOS, MEMOQ and WORDFAST and the various ways freelance translators can receive payment online through payment gateways such as PayPal, Moneybookers, etc.

Arab Professional Translators Society is inviting the submission of proposals for the two workshops. Each workshop proposal (maximum 5 pages) must include the following (in the same order as shown below):

- Title of the workshop

- A short biography of the organizer (up to 200 words)

- Scope and topics of the workshop (max 1 page)

- Rationale (max 1 page)

- Why is the topic current and important?

- Why the workshop may attract a significant number of submissions of good quality?

- Why the workshop may attract a large number of attendees?

- Why the workshop differs from others; i.e., related workshops and conferences of similar topic?

- Planned format of the workshop


- Deadline for submission: February 1, 2019

- Final acceptance of proposals:  February 20, 2019

- First workshop:

                  - Option 1:  September 21-23, 2019 from 08:00 am to 12:00 am

                  - Option 2:  September 24-25, 2019 from 01:30 pm to 05:30 pm

- Second workshop:

                  - Option 1:  September 21-23, 2019 from 01:30 pm to 05:30 pm

                  - Option 2:  September 24-25, 2019 from 08:00 am to 12:00 am

- Acceptance/rejection announcement: February 28, 2019

- Final workshop papers due: March 31, 2019

For information or questions, please contact:

Nabil Chaiban, Arab Professional Translators Society,

 * All workshop proceeds less cost of venue are paid to the workshop organizer.



08:00 am       Registration Table Opens

 09:00 am       Welcome

                        Dr. Nabil Chaiban, President, Arab Professional Translators Society 

09:15 am       Keynote – The Translation Profession:

                        Changes, Challenges and Opportunities

09:30 am       Election of Board of Directors 

10:00 am       Coffee Break 

10:30 am       Session:

                        - Speaker 1



                        - Speaker 2



                        - Speaker 3



                        - Speaker 4



                        - Speaker 5



12:30 pm       Lunch

02:00 pm       Session:

                         - Speaker 1



                        - Speaker 2



                        - Speaker 3



 03:15 pm       Meet our Sponsors: [?]

03:45 pm       Meet our Sponsors: [?] 

04:15 pm       Presenting Ahmad R. Al-Shaibani Translation Award

04:45 pm       Photo Session and Adjourn


  • A full day of lectures by speakers on issues of interest to provide theoretical and practical knowledge.

  • Networking with other members and experts.

  • Election of Board of Directors.

  • Launch of Ahmad R. Al-Shaibani Translation Award in honor of Saudi author and translator Ahmad Rahal Al-Shaibani who passed away in 1995. The aim of the award of SAR 5,000 is to support a translator who has translated and published a book, novel, dictionary or other work during the period 2017-2019.

  • Two optional workshops over a period of four days to provide practical experience.

  • Translators, interpreters, proofreaders, language professionals, students of translation and intepreting, researchers, translation agencies, equipment vendors and technology providers are invited to attend and participate in discussing issues of interest.

For further information, please contact:

* Depending on member turnout.

* Arab Professional Translators Society is a non-profit organization. Registration and/or workshop fees will be refunded commensurate with sponsporships/contributions received.


Tentative Venue (for reference purposes) - Five Star Golden Tulip Galeria - See room rates (before our group discount)



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